Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Watch Dogs 2: Hook Motion Pictures aka Lucasfilm

In Watch Dogs 2, the city and surrounding areas of San Francisco are digitally recreated in the game and you can explore some famous landmarks in the city. One area in particular that caught my attention is the SF Presidio, which is right across from the Palace of Fine Arts. In the game, there's a company called Hook Motion Pictures located there and there's even a mission to break into the facility and hack some stuff. What some people may not know is that the location is actually based on the Letterman Digital Arts Center, real-life home of Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic.

I know the game has been out for some time now but when I tried out the Watch Dogs 2 demo, it was weird visiting the place I work at inside of a video game. Here're some pics comparing the in-game scenery to the real-life locations. They did a great job and the lighting looks very realistic.. hard to believe the shots are from an in-game engine.

Gorgas Ave


View of Starbucks and the LDAC Skybridge

South of Building A

 Building C

Lombard Gate

Near the Yoda Fountain outside of Building B

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