Thursday, October 22, 2015

Soylent 2.0 Review

In my previous post about Soylent, I mentioned all the reasons I was cancelling my Soylent subscription, yet I praised the idea, the vision, and the implementation. To summarize, I didn't cancel due to things people might expect, like the taste or texture. On the contrary, I rather enjoy the taste of Soylent 1.5. I cancelled because the meals still felt expensive and the expiration (once opened or prepared) made it a little inconvenient and slightly inefficient for my usage. I also wasn't drinking enough Soylent to make it worth a subscription and saw that I'd quickly have more Soylent than what I'd know to do with (maybe stockpile it in case of an emergency situation?). Soylent 2.0 is here and it addresses most of the concerns I had with Soylent 1.5. The price has even come down for both the powder and the bottled versions. The bottled version costs $29 for 12 bottles. I can live with that for the amount and frequency I drink Soylent. The powdered version used to cost $70 for 7 bags or 28 meals, but now is an pretty good deal at only $54 for 7 bags. I'm not sure if it's because they need to clear inventory of the old product or if they really have found a way to cut costs. Either way, now is a good time to stockpile if you know you'll be drinking a lot of Soylent in the next year.

My shipment of Soylent 2.0 arrived in early September. It arrived in a bulky, slightly heavy box that made me wonder how in the world they would ship 144 bottles (the largest number you can order a subscription for). I could see how transporting it around and storing large amounts of Soylent could be seen as wasteful. The bottles Soylent comes in are cool, but also a concern for producing waste (although it is recyclable).

Although the idea of preparing powdered Soylent was never an issue for me (I'm a smoothie person and like to think I know my way around a blender), I must admit that just having a 400 calorie bottle of Soylent ready to go at any moment is sooooo convenient. Small gripe: I wish they would have slightly upped it to 500 calories to make it a complete meal. However, you can easily supplement your Soylent with a banana or a granola bar and you're good.

I'm not living solely on Soylent, as some extreme reviewers have been doing. That's just crazy and my wife would kill me for trying that. Most of the time, I drink Soylent when I use my lunch break to go to the gym and play basketball. When I get back, I need to get straight back to work right away and I can just drink soylent at my desk. It's great, and I'm sure my superiors love it, especially now since it's pretty busy at work this time of year. Employers should be buying this stuff by the truckload and giving it to their employees who work through lunch.

To me, the taste of Soylent 2.0 is very different from 1.5, which is not necessarily good or bad. Whereas I felt like 1.5 had a nuttier taste, 2.0 tastes more like actual soy milk. Not as sweet as sweetened soy milk yet not bland as unsweetened soy milk. The consistency and texture really is like milk/soy milk/almond milk and with hardly any grittiness that came from mixing your own Soylent from the powder, It has also been described as tasting like Cheerios milk.. you know, the milk that's left over after you eat a bowl of Cheerios? For me, I prefer the taste of 1.5 but I can see how 2.0's flavor should appeal to more peoples' taste buds. If you didn't like the previous versions of Soylent, but still want to give Soylent a try, then you should order some 2.0. I'm even thinking of starting up a new subscription once I get through all of my current bottles and bags of Soylent.

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