Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life After College

Another year has come and gone, and before I realized it, ten years have passed since graduation. Those were some of the funnest and most memorable years of my life and I dreaded leaving behind my fun and (virtually) carefree college days for a lifetime of servitude in a cubicle. As I stepped out onto that platform and received my Texas-sized diploma, some burning questions raced through my mind. Would I ever find friends as good as my college buddies? Did I learn anything that I could actually use in the real world? Who am I going to play basketball with now? Is anyone ever going to explain to me for realz where the heck babies come from???

After working for a grand total of less than a year, I was ready to take a break (how I left that craphole of a company called Reliant Energy is a whole story unto itself) and the only thing I could think about was how much my life was going to suck from now until I die.

Thankfully, I found out there was life after college. A lot more. I met cool people. I traveled to far-off places. I shaved my head. I got my dream job at Lucasfilm. I met a girl I liked who actually liked me back. I became a food snob. I ran through Singapore half-naked. I did a zombie photoshoot for our weddingI dressed up like a banana in Thailand. I wore a power ranger costume while traveling through Japan. I constructed my own R2D2 costume for only $5. I think it's safe to say that the funnest and most memorable years of my life were after college and that there are still plenty more left to come. 

Ten years later, I find that I don't longingly wish I could go back in time to my college days anymore. I no longer see those years through rose-colored glasses like I do with 80's cartoons from my childhood. I appreciate what Rice has done for me, and I still well up with pride whenever I hear that some nerd from Rice has done something great. I still enjoy getting together with fellow Rice alumns and reminiscing. I still laugh hysterically whenever they send me letters asking me for more money. I'm probably one of the few people my age who still wears t-shirts and sweaters from my alma-matter. However, I've learned that we can't live in past forever and that people and circumstances change. We must embrace that change and move forward or be left behind, like this guy:

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