Monday, April 15, 2013

I've always wanted to dance to this song in Japan

Yes, I admit it. Ever since hearing the words Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto years ago, I knew I was destined to do the robot dance to this song in Japan. Last November, my dreams came true. Most people probably think this would be pretty embarrassing to do, but if you compare this to what we did for our first wedding video, this is nothing. Plus, we're wearing masks and it's pretty shocking/surprising how little shame or dignity you feel once you put on a mask.

Thankfully, as many have pointed out, I have a wife who was not only willing to do these things with me, but was the driving force and mastermind behind the whole thing. Together, we had a blast running around Japan in these costumes, posing for pictures with random people, and generally just acting weird. I should also point out that despite the number of people who took interest in us, many people didn't even give us a second look or just ignored us completely, indicating how normal and commonplace this type of thing is in Japan. Some were probably thinking, "If I had a yen for every nut  running around Japan in cosplay I'd be freaking rich."

Most of the footage was shot in Japan, but the shots with other-colored dancing rangers was shot with my coworkers from Singapore. We got the moves from Just Dance's Spectronizer on the Wii, but it works well with Mr Roboto too, wouldn't you say?

Hope you enjoy this video. If there's enough interest I may make a behind-the-scenes/outtake video too.

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