Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Idiot Rileyy_69 posts dumb tweets and gets a warning from the police

At least two Olympians were expelled from the London games after making racist tweets. Now you have this 17 year-old kid who tweeted abusive comments to an Olympic diver and got a warning from the police and drew the ire and hatred of the entire United Kingdom.  That 17 year old kid is also a racist in addition to being an idiot.

i don't like asian people your all knobs with eyes the size of peanuts


You may remember from my post about racist Jeremy Lin tweets how much I hate racists, so part of me is happy to hear racists and abusive netizens are being held accountable for what they post on the internet. Do they have a right to free speech? Absolutely...but if you're going to post racist comments on your personal account, you'd better be ready to accept the consequences, whether it's hate from whichever group you're offending or internet vigilantes harassing you in real life. Remember Jason Whitlock being roasted for making a lame racial joke about Jeremy Lin or the guy from ESPN who got fired for using "Chink in the Armor" as a Jeremy Lin headline? I bet those guys will think twice before posting anything on the internet for the rest of their lives.

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