Thursday, July 19, 2012

Racists on Twitter/Facebook (on Jeremy Lin's signing with the Houston Rockets)

This page is a compilation of some of the racist stuff I find on the internet.

UPDATE - looks like someone has taken up the mantle of exposing racism on Twitter. The results are humorous, shocking, and sad.

Let's start with the idiots who are calling Jeremy Lin a chink for joining the Houston Rockets. Man, when people really show their true colors it makes me sad for the human race. I'll be adding more to this page whenever I see something else annoying and racist.  This is only a small sampling of the racism out there so if you notice anything you'd like added here please let me know.

Please, feel free to let these guys know how you feel about racists. I know they think they're just tweeting into the void but let's hope that these guys realize that once it's on the internet, it's there forever. One day they'll have an asian boss who will remember this and fire them.  Or they'll have an asian doctor or nurse who will unplug their life support. Actions have consequences, you stupid racists.

WARNING: The language used by racists isn't very nice.

I applaud the Knicks for not signing that chink
 - Bryan Hatt @hattshitcray

why do chink ball players love Houston? @JLin7 ‪#YAO -
 - Akash Bansal @akashbansal22
@JLin7: Extremely excited and honored to be a Houston Rocket again!!”
shut the f*** up you chink
 - Jeff Harris @jharr24

u suck nigga black ppl do wat u do every day with out tryin hard,u only stood out cause ur a$$ is chink and u make shrimp fried rice
 - @darealboogieman

f*** you, you chink eyed p**** I hope you blow your knee out in Houston c***
 - @AkiBreezy

deuces you unloyal chink
 - @mrbenevolent_


y'all gonna suck anyway, gotta f***ing chink on ur team now
Jon Saponara @jonsaponara

you could been back in new York but you had to be a typical sneaky chink and go behind dolans back
Nick Pezzotti @NickyP_TheKid

you sucked anyway you stupid chink
Pat Cooney @cooney191

If this nigga doesn't resign with the knicks. Im unfollowing his chink a$$

f*** u u ungrateful chink we don't need ur b**** a$$ in new York anyway last year was a fluke

Jeremy Lin presenting himself as a rocket today............-___- chink please slow ya roll eggroll.

f*** that chink Jeremy lin

The only reason ppl on Jeremy Lin d*** is cause he's a chink. Ppl never seen a chink ball like that otherwise u f***ers wouldn't give a s***



Some more morons' comments on facebook:

Have fun going back to the team that thought u sucked a$$ and let u go and leave the team that gave u a chance and watched ur overrated a$$ gain stock value while u turned the ball over 10x a game...chink
Testa Van Buren

UPDATE: how could this post be complete without Twitter's latest darling, Rileyy_69, who tweeted hateful comments about Tom Daley and got "arrested" (more like just given a warning)?

i don't like asian people your all knobs with eyes the size of peanuts

Did I mention how much I hate racists?

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