Monday, May 21, 2012

Reuben and Carissa's Crazy Pre Wedding Videos and Pictures

Pictures by Adrian Teng

The videos and slideshow played at our wedding

I would also like to mention that Tiger Airways screwed up and canceled our flight without telling us 2 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING.  Thankfully, we were able to get a flight on Cebu Pacific and let me tell you: the difference in customer service was astronomical.  Tiger Airways, didn't care and pretty much left us out to dry. Their staff refused to take responsibility and kept putting the blame on other people. On the other hand the staff of Cebu Pacific were polite and helpful.. the complete opposite from Tiger Airways' rude employees.  Later, after the wedding, we had left a bag of our wedding cards on the airport shuttle and didn't realize it was gone until we were in Caticlan.  Again, though, Cebu Pacific surprised us with amazing customer service by tracking down the bag and having it brought to the airport for easy pickup the next day.  Not a thing was missing and they didn't ask for any rewards or anything.  We thanked the Cebu Pacific staff profusely and promised to forever speak of how Cebu Pacific saved our wedding, while Tiger Airway almost ruined it.

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