Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Would Totally Tweet That

A few years ago, my friends Rajan and Johnson kept insisting that I join Twitter.  I refused to get a Twitter account for the longest time because I just couldn't understand for what the big deal was.  Isn't it just like Facebook if they took away everything and only left status updates?  What good is Twitter then?

First, let's look at the world we live in.  Celebrities, whether actor/actress, athlete, musician, or talk show host, are like gods in our society.  Commoners like us are obsessed with their lifestyles, which feel like a world apart from our own pathetic lives (according to Lebron).  How else could the paparazzi make a living off of selling ugly photos/videos to tabloids and gossip channels?  

Now imagine you're a celebrity. You want some sort of connection with your fans but there's no way you're going to add all of those idiots to your Facebook account and you don't have time to keep a blog... so what is the solution?  Twitter.  Where Facebook is about sharing personal stuff or funny links with people you know (hopefully), Twitter is something that's meant for the public consumption. It's a shout-out to the world wide web. Most people don't bother locking down their Twitter feeds because doing so defeats the purpose.  Twitter is about connection... sometimes with people you know, but mostly it's clinging to the hope of connecting with people you would never normally interact with.  You can get the latest celebrity news as it happens straight from the mouths of celebrities or people who are around the celebrities and their groupies, which makes you feel special. You can feel like you're conversing with famous people and that they might actually retweet you or answer one of your replies, which would totally make your day, right? I know it would make my day... why else would I be working for a company like Lucasfilm if not for the chance of being recognized by the famous and becoming famous myself?  For the off chance that I might run into some famous director walking around Industrial Light and Magic who could cast me as an Asian man in a rice field some racist movie?  

With Twitter, celebrities can feel like they're connected to their fanbase and directly interacting with normal people on a regular basis.  Commoners can start to see celebrities as normal people who are addicted to the internet just like everyone else. There can be dialogue and discussion.  Bridges can be built and important world-changing ideas shared.   But most of the time it's usually useless drivel. For example, let's say a celebrity tweets something inane and then all of his followers trip over themselves attempting to get his attention using flattery, witty comments, photoshop, or flat-out lying through your teeth about some kind of crazy competition to see who can come up with the most interesting tweet.  Take a look at the pathetic tweet/reply below, for instance:

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