Sunday, March 4, 2012

Changi Airport Makes Itself More Airport-Sleeper-Unfriendly

If you remember my guide to sleeping in Singapore's Changi Airport, you might recall that I recommended staying in Terminal 1 where they had padded seats that you could lay out and sleep on.  Well, I was just at the airport last night to see a friend off from Terminal 1 and sadly, Changi Airport has just made life more difficult for decent people whose only crime is trying to get a good's night sleep in the the world's supposedly "best" airport.

If you'll check out the pictures here, you'll see that they've bolted on "armrests" between each of the seats in the viewing deck, making it impossible for all but the skinniest of people (maybe I could fit in there) to lay across the padded seats. Upon closer inspection these "armrests" are so thin that they're practically useless so we can thereby assume that the real reason for adding these armrests is to discourage people from sleeping on these chairs in the viewing deck.  They already vigilantly patrol and comb the restaurants and any place in the public area of the airport for "sleepers," and now they're taking away one of the last places where people can sleep peacefully.  Shame on you, Singapore.  What will you do next, put spikes everywhere so we can't sleep on the floor too???

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