Thursday, March 15, 2012

20 Things a Westerner Likes and Doesn't Like About the Philippines

After watching the video 20 Reasons I Dislike The Philippines, I was pretty pissed off. While they didn't say anything racist or outright offensive about Filipinos, the way he was saying it was pretty disrespectful and jack-assy (also making some disparaging remarks about the Koreans in the Philippines), making me wonder what the whole point of the video was. Is it for Filipinos? Do we really need to hear what's wrong with our country from a foreigner who thinks he's the expert on the Philippines after living there for 3 years? Is the video for non-Filipinos? A lot of people already think lowly enough of the Philippines without needing this video to fuel their hatred for us (Floyd Mayweather and his fans). Also, he doesn't like the food? It's hard to believe someone who respects and loves Filipinos could say their food is terrible. You make fun of our food, and it's like your making fun of our mommas. People get killed here for singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" the wrong way, so what makes you think you'll be able to walk around safely after posting a video like this? His other complaint that the only "hot girls are the lady boys" only exposes his warped standards of beauty and lack of gaydar.

Now I see it was a ploy to attract viewers and make the video go viral (controversial videos are more likely to be shared and discussed), but in the end I think this will make Filipinos look bad when they kidnap this guy and send him off to the MILFs. I hope he got the heck out of the country after filming this.

In the filmmakers' defense though, they did make a video called "20 Reasons Why I Love the Philippines."  I'm about to get on the plane to Manila and this video is more in line with my sentiments about the Philippines.

Ninja vanish

***UPDATE 3/20/12***
Dang, it looks like the guy who made the "20 Reasons I Dislike the Philippines" video is holed up somewhere in Cebu, possibly fearing for his life and hiding from angry mobs of Filipinos while also trying not to get kicked out of Cebu. I actually feel kinda sorry for him now. He probably had no idea what was coming his way after posting the original video, which was originally meant to be light-hearted, humorous observations about the Philippines, to be taken with a grain of salt. I guess the point of this whole situation though is: Don't mess with Filipinos.

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