Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who in the world thought this was an acceptable Jeremy Lin headline?

Guess who?

Honestly, I've been too caught up in the Linsanity to care about whether all the posters and nicknames were racist or not... Jeremy Lin coming out of a fortune cookie?  Yeah it's stupid and stereotypical.. I didn't think about how racist it is until much later when other people were talking about it.  Looks like my racism radar isn't as  sharp as it used to be.

The "Yellow Mamba" sign... actually I thought that it was pretty funny.. but on the other hand I can see how using "yellow" to describe Asians is offensive because it comes with a lot of historical baggage in America.  Here in Singapore though, a couple of years back, a parody of Coldplay's Yellow appeared and it was about how an Indian guy didn't like that everybody around him was "yellow" (Chinese).. and though I thought it was stupid and offensive, most of the comments from Singaporean Chinese seemed to indicate that they had no problems with it. They even helped him make the video...Anyway, I guess I'm okay with the Yellow Mamba nickname. Could've been much worse, like the (fake) ones displayed on Conan O'Brien.  I saw an article where one guy complained that the nickname "Linja" was offensive because ninjas are from Japan... but I think this one's okay too because Jeremy really is a linja.  Maybe we should all just submit our signs to the yoisthisracist site before displaying them on national TV?

Linsanity has mostly been all fun and games...but then I saw this pic of the ESPN mobile website frontpage being passed around Facebook:

Just plain wrong on so many levels
Wow, talk about a PR disaster.. someone crossed way over the line, pissing off half of the world in the process. They might as well have used a "Made in China" headline.  ESPN was immediately called out and an apology was made soon after the headline had been removed.  How did it ever get past all the editors anyway?  And what in the world was that person thinking when he/she wrote it?  Was it an honest mistake by an oblivious and careless writer or was it done on purpose?  This sorta illustrates a point I made in my previous Jeremy Lin post that although people are still racist, if you try to be publicly racist then you will get destroyed right away by all of the people you're offending.., like Jason Whitlock, who will think twice before he makes another stupid joke about Asians on Twitter...or Floyd Mayweather, who doesn't seem to know when to keep his big mouth shut

It's all good though.  JLin will get his revenge eventually...

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