Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who let the Racists Out?

a reference to Jason Whitlock's dumb tweet
Mike's mingle profile in case you want to see what a pathetic racist looks like

While it seems like most people have embraced linsanity and its feel-good story, there are still those who are resentful of Jeremy Lin's success and have been waiting for him to fail.  In the aftermath of the Knicks' 102-88 loss to the Miami Heat, haters wasted no time jumping on the #fal-Lin bandwagon and gloating about Lin's worst game since becoming the Knicks' starting point guard.  The internetz were peppered with comments like "How you like dem eggrolls???", "I guess Asians really can't drive after all" and other racially charged proclamations about how Jeremy Lin should go back to the bench/D-league/grad school/China/etc. Most of the offensive comments have been removed by moderators, but this is an important reminder that despite what Jeremy Lin has accomplished, no matter what stereotypes he's broken, no matter how big he becomes or how good he gets, some people will hate him just because of his skin color and the shape of his eyes.  Society still has a long way to go and racism is alive and well (pretty much all over the world).  Most are closet racists who are too cowardly to say anything to your face but they'll be thinking racist thoughts, making racist jokes with their racist friends behind our backs, and posting racist crap all over the internet.  So much for all the optimism and newfound faith in humanity that I had just earlier this week.  The world is still as racist as ever.

ESPN'S next racist headline: Miami Heat all over Jeremy Lin like black on rice

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