Monday, February 20, 2012

Wedding Tools for the Modern Wedding Planner on a Budget

Trying to plan a wedding on a budget can be difficult, as we've discovered firsthand over the past few months.  Thankfully there are a bunch of free tools on the internetz out there that can help make your life easier.

Google - Maybe you've heard of it before...

Google sites - This is what we used to create our website.  While it may be a little difficult to get things to look exactly the way you want them to, you get a lot of options for easily customizing your site without having to know any HTML or javascript.  One of the problems with Google sites though, is that the url to your website might be a little difficult to remember. If you want to pay for a unique domain name though, that option is available.

Google Docs - Without Google docs our life would have been much more difficult.  We were able to create spreadsheets for our guest list, the wedding costs, reception plans.. and Google sites allowed us to access them from virtually computer.  By sharing the document with Carissa we were both able to modify the documents easily and share changes without having to resort to the barbaric practice of passing around file attachments through email.

Picassa - Free photo storage and slideshows that integrates easily with your Google site. Photobucket is also another good option for free online photo storage.

Google Maps - Add a map to so your guests don't get lost.  Then add all of the hotels/amenities in the area.  Then spy on North Korea.  Isn't technology great?

Youtube/Vimeo - It is so easy to share your wedding-related videos now.  I remember the days when people would invite you to their house and make you watch their entire wedding video on VHS.  Now you can easily spam everyone you know with your wedding videos at the click of a button (and they can easily ignore it).  These videos integrate easily into your wedding webpage, too.  One more thing to consider with Youtube is that some videos will be restricted in certain countries if it detects the use of copyrighted songs.  As far as I know, Vimeo doesn't do this.

Honeyfund/Paypal - My friend Ryan introduced me to Honeyfund, a wedding website which helps you create an online registry where your wedding gifts are directed towards helping you pay for your honeymoon. It's free and it allows you to customize your own registry and allow guests to easily submit gifts/pledges.  It's very convenient, especially for Carissa and I since we don't want toasters and salad bowls as wedding gifts...and we definitely don't want to carry wedding gifts around the Philippines and back to Singapore.  That was the main reason we went with an online Honeyfund registry.  However, there's no easy solution for techno-illiterate guests... for them, you may just have to revert to having a money dance.

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