Thursday, February 2, 2012

Singapore's Girly Wedding Bands

I've been shopping around Singapore for wedding bands and my goodness, most of the ones I've seen here are either ugly or too girly.  What ever happened to simple wedding bands for guys?  Why must they include tiny diamonds or patterns in the ring?  And they're too expensive here...way overpriced, even with these supposed all-year-round 50-80% sales that are going on in every store.  Stupid Singapore price inflation.... My apologies to any guys out there with wedding bands like these, but here are some examples of "girly wedding rings" that I would never be caught wearing in public:


Now the ring below is more what I had in mind.  Simple.  Clean.  I couldn't find anything like this in Singapore so I just ordered it online, which is what you should probably do too if you're ever looking for a wedding band over here.


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  2. you're talking about the wrong kind of wedding band....

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