Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stye Guy and Singapore's Doctors

 Who's that guy?

For some reason, ever since moving to Singapore I get an ugly-looking stye on my eye one or two times each year.  It always seems to happen at the worst possible time right before an important event, such as meeting Carissa's parents for the first time.  One time I even had styes in both eyes at the same time.  So if you see me with swollen eyes on my wedding day, it's not because Carissa punched me in the face or because I've been crying in the corner all day long--it's because of STYES.

The 4 levels of styes:

  1. the itch and pain - the eyelid starts to itch and it feels like something is stuck between the eyeball and the eyelid
  2. Swelling - The whole eyelid begins to swell and puff up, turning red and making you look like someone just punched you in the eye and you look like this:
  3. the pimple - the swelling goes down but all of the puss in the eyelid forms into a single solid bump on your eye.  If you're lucky it will go away on its own.  If not you get the next stage....
  4. the decay - the bump swells, starts to leak fluids and generally look disgusting, expanding until it bursts, leaving a bloody mess on your eyelids. If you're really unlucky you'll need a doctor to pop it for you and drain out the fluid from your eyelids.

I went to see the doctor but had to wait for an hour an a half, even though I got there early before the clinic opened and was only the 3rd person in line.  Ages later, the doctor just looks at my stye for 5 seconds and prescribes 30 types of medicines for me, including anti-biotics and pain-killers.  I mean do I really need pain-killers for a stye?  Do I look like a sissy?  Are all of the doctors in Singapore this medication trigger-happy or is it just the ones in the local general clinics?  I hope not, because for the doctors I've seen in Singapore, they appear more eager to give medicine than to actually diagnose a patient and find the root problem.

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