Thursday, December 22, 2011

GOMAD (Part 2) - The importance of having a plan and a crew

This time it's cereal.

During my high school years I decided that I was tired of being called the human stick figure and bought my first bench press (under $100 from Academy Sports).  I used it and made significant strength improvements that first year.  Like going from a total weakling to almost a normal person.

In college I met a group of like-minded, skinny individuals such as myself (although I was the skinniest by far)-- the RLQ Crew--and we worked out together every MWF, ostracizing anyone who would dare miss a workout session, blackmailing and shaming each other into working out even when we were in the middle of exams or finals.  It was like a cult, actually.  Although we all made improvements, few of us really knew what we were doing, and without real professional guidance or any kind of plan, I hit a wall.  Not literally like Sean punching an iron gate, but I reached what appeared to be my strength limit.  Despite attempts to gain weight with countless 1000+ calorie smoothies and eating what I thought was a lot of food (at least more than I usually eat in Singapore), I remained steadfast at 132 lbs (60kg) for the next decade up till this very day.  Even while living in China and Singapore I continued going to the gym but still have been unable to break through the "wall" until I just kinda gave up on trying to gain weight and spent more time doing body-weight exercises instead of using free-weights.  I briefly attempted a half GOMAD (gallon of milk day) diet but even that failed miserably and flatulently.

Now with less than half a year until the wedding, I'm making one last desperate attempt at looking like Thor.  I'm starting another GOMAD diet, although actually it's more like a 3.785 liters of milk a day diet since they use the kooky metric system here.  I still doubt I can drink a gallon each day but I'm going for at least two liters per day...and this time I'm recording my progress and eating a lot more... I actually finished a footlong subway which I hadn't done in years... and my new eating style since starting GOMAD again is almost to the point where I feel like I have to poo ALL the time.  Combine that with lots of milk and ... yikes.  Do NOT go in there.

Also, now I've got both a motivated workout buddy (AdrianT) AND a personal trainer who knows what he's talking about (PatrickC) and he is intimidating and motivational enough to scare the crap out of me and get me to doing what needs to be done (he looks like a Terminator).  He's going to weigh and measure us (including some other coworkers who also want to become HUGE) and then put us through a 12-week program.  The kind of program where people die if they're too weak or are left incontinent because of how strenuous it is.

Let the farting begin.

I will break you if you don't eat another 500 calories
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