Monday, November 28, 2011

What do you call that place with all the toilets?

In America, I called it the bathroom or restroom even though there's not necessarily a bath inside nor any place to rest (unless it's a girl's restroom with a couch or sleeping on the toilet's your thing--hey I'm not judging)

When I would visit the Philippines they would refer to it as the WC or water closet which I thought was weird.  In Spanish it's el banyo, maybe without the el.  In Chinese it's called the 洗手间 (xi shou jian, literally: wash hand room), and actually that's not too far off from washroom, which is also widely used in the US.

In Singapore they just call it the toilet, which sounds a little too direct for my tastes.  Americans prefer using euphemisms because of the unpleasant mental imagery that comes to mind when you mention toilets.  If we had to refer to the toilet directly, we'd usually call it by another word like the john, the can, the throne, or the crapper.

In planes they call it the lavatory, which is strange because it sounds like you're going in there to perform some science experiments, while Men's room (or gentlemen's room) or ladies' room is probably the classiest way to refer to it since that's what's used in restaurants or hotels.

I'm usually confused though and end up not knowing what to call it, so I usually pick one at random... so if you hear me refer to it as the secret weewee place--sorry.

What's your favorite word for the crapper?

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