Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Manila Diaries II: Pacqiao Marquez III

So what did I do in Manila besides spending quality time with Carissa?

Arrived late Wednesday night

  • Went to Market Market to watch Puss in Boots 3D - the movie was ok and I was mostly entertained throughout...yet it still felt like a cash-in.  Humpty Dumpty is creepy and will haunt my nightmares forever.

  • Attended the Manila Italian Film Fest at Greenbelt - Last Tango in Paris: the most perverted movie I've seen that wasn't from Japan.

  • Shoe Shopping - Bought some Timberlands (waterproof GORTEX FTW) to replace my ghetto $25 Cotton-On shoes that were falling apart and weren't even suitable to give to charity
  • Rode on the train from Alaya to Shaw Blvd, which was the craziest train/subway experience of my life and also the first time I've been molested in public.
  • Watched Ka Oryang, an Filipino indie film starring Carissa's friend Nessa as an extra in the movie.  Although this movie did a good job with cinematography and such, the story didn't have much focus or direction.  That foot massage scene was about 3 minutes too long and they also made a baby cry multiple times during the movie.
In other news...we met some
celebrities at Shang Plaza
  • Halo-halo from Razon's and wine-tasting at some place that I forgot the name of with Carissa's friends

  • Watched the Pacquiao-Marquez Fight at the subdivision clubhouse
  • Had a nice dinner at "Racks" with my relatives - nice ribs and good food.. However, I think I got food poisoning the next day.  Not sure what happened there.

Here are some thoughts on the Pacquiao fight:
  • Boxing decisions usually favor the aggressor and Pacquiao has always been the aggressive one.  Hate the game not the player, folks.  I too have felt the sting of losing by judges' decision... but you just have to accept it and move on.  Or just write a beef file about it.
  • A lot of fairweather fans who were riding the Pacman bandwagon have officially fallen off.  Especially some sportswriters who are beginning to question Pacman's legacy and place in boxing history.  How easily they forget that he's a world champion in an unprecedented 8 weight divisions.  Even more disturbing is that I heard some "fans" left or stopped watching after the 10th round.  C'mon guys, if you're a true fan you'll stay until the end of such an important fight, win or lose.  Anyway, to the bandwagon fans--good riddance.
  • Seeing Pacquiao being challenged and tested for the first time in years shattered our expectations of an invincibile Pacman and contributed to the growing sense that Pacquiao was letting the fight slip away.  In reality, Marquez's boxing was just really that good and he did a great job at preventing Pacquiao from fighting the way he usually does.  I know the disappointment of shattered expectations all too well--I experience it every time I watch a new Transformers movie.
  • Marquez rhetorically asks: "What do I need to do to win?"  Answer: Knock down the Pacman.  But he simply doesn't have the power to do it.  Though Marquez had clean and impressive punches, Pacman never looked like he was ever in any danger of going down through the whole fight.  Pacman is the defending CHAMP so Marquez the challenger needs to do more than simply counter-punch to win the Title through a decision.
  • Even if it "felt" like Marquez was landing more shots, the punching stats tell a slightly different story.  Pacquiao threw more power shots at a higher percentage than Marquez, particularly in the last round where Pacquiao landed 71% of his power punches compared to Marquez's 25%.  Plus computers never lie.
  • Nacho Bernstein (Marquez's trainer) shouldn't have told Marquez that he was leading on the scorecards going into the final rounds.  Marquez relaxed, while Manny hustled to win that final round.  If Marquez didn't want to leave the decision up to the judges he should have gone all-out in the final rounds to secure victory.  Instead, he coasted and ended up paying for it.
  • Marquez isn't completely as innocent and victimized as he would have us believe.  Check out his sneaky foot-stomping technique that probably contributed to Pacquiao's mysterious foot cramps which Pacquiao says bothered him throughout the fight after round 4.
    Yes, it was inevitable for some hot foot-on-foot action to take place because Pacquiao is left-handed. Pacquiao also stepped on Marquez's foot several times (as shown and mentioned in this article) while Freddie Roach seemed to dismiss alleged foot stomping from JMM as incidental and part of the sport.  Yet the frequency of the foot-stomps (17 on some counts) and the way Marquez's foot always seems to chase after Pacquiao's makes one think that it was a part of his strategy all along... either that or he was just in the mood for some sweet tender foot-loving.  Yes, it was legal, but like Mayweather's suckerpunch, it's dirty and unsportsman-like.
  • Lastly, everybody knows Marquez used to drink his own urine.  He said he stopped at the request of his nutritionist, but what was that yellow liquid he was drinking in-between rounds?  Is he back to his old urine-drinking ways again? (even if they tested him after the fight, I'm sure the urine he drank during the fight in his urine sample would be undetectable--has JMM found the ultimate loophole?)  JMM's inability to win over the judges only proves that deep inside each and every one of us is a bias against people who would drink their own urine.

And for good measure I'm including this video.  
Just because.  Not allowing a single nutrient to escape, eh JMM?
Indeed.....Yeah, good luck with that.
The End.

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