Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cereal and Other Expensive Things in Singapore

One thing that I find odd about Singapore is that some commodities (like chocolate and electronics) are ridiculously expensive to the point of where I just try not to buy them anymore.  A pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream costs about US$3.50 - $5 in the States.   In Singapore it costs at least US$10.70 (SG$14)--over twice the price. Why?  Because there are no cows here, I guess?  Because Ben and Jerry are white guys' names?   Or maybe it's just because they can.

A bowl of Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch should cost about US$3, while here in Singapore it costs US$8.40 (SG$11).  So as you can guess I've pretty much given up eating Lucky Charms and stick to generic imitation cereal from the local grocery store

BUTT, I recently found a Value$ store near Boon Keng MRT that had a bunch of cereal for sale.. including Lucky Charms at US$3 (SG$3.95)!!!!!!  Pops and Apple Jacks were about SG$5, which also ain't too shabby.  Hopefully it's not just a fluke or a mistake.  I know where to go for cereal now.  I just need to find a cheap ice cream place too and I'm all set.

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Price for a pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream In US$ All Over The World
New York - $3.32
London - $6.60
Hong Kong - $7.73
Frankfurt - $7.76
Kuala Lumpur - $8.18
Brussels - $8.34
Bangkok - $8.76
Paris - $9.19
Singapore - $10.28
 - Source: Asia Wall Street Journal 21 Aug 2009

Carl's Jr. and Subway are also ridiculously priced in Singapore.. check out the US prices here, which are significantly lower than Singapore's... ($5 footlongs?  not in Singapore...)


  1. looks like they have SG$3.95 Lucky Charms at Value dollar in changi point mall too! maybe all the value dollar stores have it!!

  2. more overpriced electronics in singapore

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  4. Any Idea how where to buy Lucky Charms in Singapore?

  5. They still sell Lucky Charms at Cold Storage for about SG$10. I haven't seen them selling the cheaper boxes at value dollar for some time now, though.

  6. are lucky charms still available at this cheaper price at value dollar stores? :) if they were that'd be great!