Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Chinese Medicine Experience in Taipei

When Carissa and I visited Taipei at the end of 2009, we thought it was pretty chilly (although that was before we experienced Korea in January).  Carissa caught a cold and since we were with Jonathan Krause and his wife Christine, they suggested we try some Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We said, "why not?" because we wanted to experience the "real" Taiwan.  Since we were already there, Krause told me to tell them if I have any chronic pain or problems that they can check out... so I let them know about an old hamstring injury I got during martial arts training a couple of years before.  We were both curious about what they would do to us and whether it would work. Carissa went first.

First, Carissa got her pulse checked
Then she got a few acupuncture needles.  Pretty standard.

Besides the acupuncture, the doctor prescribed some medicine for Carissa and that was about it.  Frankly, it was a little disappointing.  We expected something much weirder to happen that we would be able to report on our blog and laugh about later.... but Carissa was the sick one.  What could they do for me and my old sports injury?  A lot, apparently.

Reuben signs the waiver the releases the doctor of
all responsibility for what is about to transpire.
Kruase: "Please be gentle with him.  He's a laowai (foreigner)"
Wait a minute... this is not what I signed up for.
I think I heard something just snap.

Ok.. so Carissa's cold was the whole reason we went to the Chinese Medicine doctor in the first place, but I'm the one who ended getting the crazy stuff done to me.  Carissa just got acupuncture and some weird medicine that tasted like dirt.  I can't remember if it worked or not.. but it wasn't very expensive and it was definitely a memorable experience.  Thanks Krause!

Now, nearly two years later my hamstring doesn't really bother me anymore.... so maybe it DOES work??  Or maybe time just heals all wounds.... it definitely makes embarrassing things seem funnier when you look at it later.

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  1. haha that last picture looks painful your hand is all contorted
    we use those suction cups at home when we have muscle soreness