Saturday, October 29, 2011


Ahh Halloween.. the time of year that gives adults an excuse to dress up and act like kids for one night of the year.  Once it was a time to dress up as something scary... but now Halloween just a huge cosplay event... and maybe that's not a bad thing.

Every year Lucasfilm holds a Halloween party for its employees and if there's one thing I've discovered after running through Singapore half naked, dancing in Korea and Phuket, and wearing weird costumes and walking directly into a crowd of people... I'm such an attention whore.

This page is to keep track of my various costumes over the years, none of which would have been possible without the help of my talented friends and colleagues, and of course, Carissa :)

For those of you who still have Halloween parties to attend, it's not too late to put together your own awesome costume.  Like Kevin Garnett, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween 2016
Stormtroopers, Kylo Ren, and Ewok prisoner

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2013
Walter White / Heisenberg




Halloween 2012

Character: Catwoman and Robin

Halloween 2011
Character: Human Torch (Fantastic Four)
Costume Design by Ronald Samson (check out his "Thing" costume below--it's incredible)
Photos by Adrian Teng

The Fantastic Four

Setting my hand on fire for the judges--FLAME ON!!!


Taking the train home after a long day of fighting crime

Halloween 2010
Character: Manny Calavera (Grim Fandango, a game made in 1998 by LucasArts)
Costume Design by Jerome Moo

Photo by Marko Ljubez

In 2010 we couldn't get enough of dressing up like crazy people so we did it again the next day. 
Victoria's Secret Angel with Axel Rose (with Think Geek Electric Guitar T-shirt)
From left to right: Martin, Kieran, Shenna, Shufen, Carissa, Reuben

Halloween 2009
Character: Louis (Left 4 Dead)
Suggested by: Teh Wei Yeh

"Grabbin' Pills"
Photo by Simeon Basset
Photo with VC Teh by Adrian Teng


  1. wah super jealous of your grim fandango costume.

  2. no need to be jealous! If you're interested I can post some info on how we made it.. or rather, how my friend did all the work while I basically just watched