Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bargaining in Greenhills Shopping Center

So I hate bargaining, because I always get ripped off, as you can see from my previous entries involving haggling.  I was in the Philippines a while back to look for some t-shirts in Greenhills Shopping Center and I had a conversation that sort of went like this:

Me: (pointing to a shirt on the table and speaking Tagalog with a thick American accent)
"Magkano ito?  
(translation: "how much is this?")

Shopkeeper: "250 pesos"
(or roughly 6 US Dollars) 

Me: ".......Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how about 200 pesos?" 
(trying to fake a Filipino accent)

Shopkeeper: "250 pesos."

Me: (nodding my head and rubbing my chin)
"What if I buy more? Can I get the shirts for 200 each if I buy two?"

Shopkeeper: "250."

Me: "Ah..................................ok......"
(awkward silence)
Me: "Ok, 225 pesos per shirt.  Final offer." 

Shopkeeper: "250"

Me: "Interesting...........How about if I'm willing to go up to 475 for both shirts?"

Shopkeeper: "500 for two shirts"

Me: (pretending to think)
"Hrmmm....I see.....
(holding up a t-shirt and pretending to examine the quality) 
The color's faded and the material isn't that good.......are you sure you can't go any lower?"

Shopkeeper: "550 pesos for both shirts"

Me: "Ok crazy lady: you drive a hard bargain, but it's a deal."

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