Saturday, September 10, 2011

Manila Diaries

Before I was never really a big fan of Manila.. the traffic, the pollution, the constant warnings that I'll be kidnapped if I ever try to go out on my own... I've always enjoyed visiting relatives there but now I'm really starting to appreciate the good food and snacks, as well as the variety of cool stuff you can get at one of the many shopping malls there.

A recap of my trip to Manila last week (Sept 2-5):

Friday - After arriving at 10pm from Singapore, Carissa and her brother picked me up from the airport and we hit up Jollibee for a late night snack.. of course there was no chicken joy, no beef steak... almost everything was sold out so we just got plain hamburgers and a box of spaghetti, plus some pineapple juice.  Although some people say the Happy V knock-off in Singapore is actually better-tasting, it's much, much cheaper in the Philippines and there's just something about eating Jollibee in the Philippines that's hard to replicate elsewhere...

Saturday - Bummed around in the morning, took the carissa's sister's dog for a walk

Went to Greenhills to buy cheap t-shirts
(click here for my blog entry about bargaining in Greenhills Shopping Center)

Went to market! market! for dinner (hotdog on a stick and slammers burgers) and to watch a new Filipno movie called Zombadings (trans: gay zombies),

Found some balut at Dr. Kwek Kwek's.  Since my last embarrassing defeat at the hands of an 18+ day balut in Bohol, I've been itching for a rematch.  Will I be able to stomach the entire balut this time?

Ate some Razon's halohalo, which is now something I must get every time I'm in Manila.

Conti's mango cake - delicious.

Fully Booked - a cool bookstore in bonifacio high street

Sunday - snuck into class with carissa and her sister... got kicked out
waited for them at Chickboy and McDo
lunch at mang inasal,
razon's halohalo again and dinuguan (pork blood stew) + puto to go
2 hour siesta
swimming at the clubhouse pool in carissa's apartment complex

Monday - market market, grocery shopping, tried some taho with mango
another halohalo from razon's
Jeepney ride home
homecooked bangus

Taken to the Manila International Airport by Carissa, Celine, and their mom.
Arrived in Singapore's Changi Airport at 2am.

All in all, another great trip to Manila!

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