Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bachelor's Life documented through Xanga

So Carissa is back in the Philippines for a few months and someone just told me recently: "So you're living the bachelor's life again, huh?"

What exactly does that mean, though?  After staring out the window for an hour, I came to this conclusion--it means although I'm not really a bachelor (sorry ladies), the life I'm living now is identical to my life before I met Carissa, which was pretty sad--let me tell you.  But to get a better insight into my psychological state of being at that time, you'd have to at least take a peak at my blog, which at times looks like it was written by a 12 year-old on crack.  I used something called Xanga, which as far as I know,  was the first to offer a way of "liking" a post, using the now-defunct "eprop" system.

Learn Chinese the Jack Bauer Way
The Racisity Test

Probably the most disgusting anecdote from my former life is best documented in this entry:
Cooking with Reubs

So apparently, according to my old Xanga blog, during my "bachelor" days, I cooked crappy meals for myself, never cleaned my kitchen, studied funny but useless chinese phrases, thought about racism nonstop and how to make fun of it (discrimination still exists in Singapore--the first thing you get asked when you talk to an agent or landlord will be "what's your race?" to which I reply: "which is the one you fear the most?  That's what I am), and I watched all the episodes of 24.  Oh yeah and then there was that whole year of playing World of Warcraft that almost ruined my life.

Compare that to yesterday, which was a public holiday in Singapore (National Day).  I just stayed at home, ate peanut butter sandwiches, drank soy milk, exercised at the kids' playground downstairs and talked to Carissa on Skype :)

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