Wednesday, July 20, 2011

yang rou chuan!

When I was in China I one of my favorite foods was Xinjiang-style lamb-kebabs (羊肉串 - Yangrou Chuan)

It's best enjoyed in the winter with some cheap 'ol Qingdao beer, of course.  Recently a lot more restaurants that serve this delectable street food have been popping up around Singapore.  First in Kallang, then at the old-school hawker outside of St. James Powerstation, and then in Chinatown (  Just thinking about that salty, spicy kebab is making my stomach growl.

In China, it's true that it was probably unsanitary, and that the brush they use to slather grease onto the mutton is probably the same brush they used to paint their house, and that I probably got worms from eating these things but man it's just so good.  Carissa was turned off by the strong spices but I think she'd like the bbq chicken that they had in the Kallang restaurant.

1 comment:

  1. hmm i think i ate that one
    it was pretty good
    wasnt ready to try the seahorse or scorpion, maybe i am now